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Hot Spices Betty Boop "Saga"

Sire. Freckles Rabalder
Dame. Hot Spices Mamiya
Born 2013-02-05

"Saga" is our "whirlwind"dog, with the feets in the air- just loving life and all in it.

She came to us as an one year old from Helena Abrahamsson, kennel Hot Spices i Värmland. 

Saga is mother to one litter in 2015 (e. SeU(u)CH NoCH SeVCH RldN

Waterstreams I Ted Bundy) 

and one in 2016 (e. SeU(u)CH Don's Tetigisti Acu).


Hips A
Eyes clear




2016 Sire. Ch Don's Tetigisti Acu

 "Trix" Don's Tetigisti Acu (2+5)

Waterstreams Ws Love Child  (hd D)

Waterstreams Ws Lady Double Dealer

Waterstreams Ws Lady Luck

Waterstreams Ws The Gypsy

Waterstreams Ws Sail Away

Waterstreams Ws Stormbringer

Waterstreams Ws Holy Man   (hd C)

20150517 Sire. Rld N Waterstreams I Ted Bundy


Waterstreams My Maugrim (hd A)N

Waterstreams My Presiousss

Waterstreams My Malificent

Waterstreams My Bellatrix L (hd B)

Waterstreams My White Witch

Waterstreams My Sauron

Waterstreams My Ginarbrik (hd C)

Waterstreams My Hades      (hd D)

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Saga and her offspring

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