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SE U(u)CH, NO UCH,  LV CH, Riga Winner 2017

EE CH, C.I.E., SE VCH, Rld N

Waterstreams I Ted Bundy "Teddy"

Sire. SEU(u)CH NoUCH Don's Darlington
Dame. Ta Wei's Janis Martin
Född 8 april 2013

"Teddy" is the ultimate gentleman. His nickname is "uncle Teddy" due to his temperament and appearance. He is the one whom you wrap your arms around when life feels tough.


He is a thrill to work with, regardless of what you wanna do. Nose work, agility, rallyobidience, blood tracking or the show rings.


Hips A
Eyes clear
Pld Normal


International Show Champion

Swedish showchampion

Norwegian showchampion

Latvian showchampion

Estonian Showchampion

Swedish blood tracking champion

Rallyobedience Beginnersclass diploma

Riga Winner 2017

Passed the Nose Work ability test


2015 u. Hot Spices Betty Boop

2015 u. Ch Red Spot's Dolly Girl on the beach

2017 u. Eastfarm's Viva Waterstream

2018 u. Hot Spices Betty Boop

2019 u. SEUCH SEVCH RldN&F&A LD Startklass             Wermlandias Galadriel

2020 u. Timra's Qreamy Qougar

2020 u. Don's Driving Miss Daisy


2020 Dame Don's Driving Miss Daisy

We are expecting puppies after Teddy and Himla week 47. I will keep you updated.

2020 Dame Timra's Qreamy Qougar

Teddy got five puppies with "Polly" (3+5)

2019 Dame SEUCH SEVCH RldN&F&A LD Startklass Wermlandias Galadriel

November 25th kennel Welsh Wings got their puppies. Now they have six males and 1 bitch. The bitch and one male is staying at the kennel and we look forward to see their progress.

Welsh Wing Arn

Welsh Wing A Smalltown Boy

Welsh Wing A King Is Born

Welsh Wing Amazing and I know It

Welsh Wing All Time High (Pricken stays at kennel Welsh Wing)

Welsh Wing A Lightning Strike

Welsh Wing And Queen Blanka (Blanka stays at kennel Welsh Wing)

2018 Dame Hot Spices Betty Boop

5 males

Waterstreams Surprise Surprise

Waterstreams Surprise Me

Waterstreams Surprise Party

Waterstreams Surprise Story

Waterstreams Surprise Present

2017 Dame Eastfarm's Viva Waterstream


Waterstreams Dancing In The Dark

Waterstreams Diamonds and Rust

Waterstreams Don't Walk Away

Waterstreams DR Feelgood

Waterstreams Don't Stop Believin'

Waterstreams Dream On

Waterstreams Don't Let Go

Waterstreams Dreamer

2015 Dame CH Red Spot's Dolly Girl On The Beach

Marja fra Gahperus        (hd B)N

Manda fra Honkaniemi

Mikilda fra Lintuvaara (hd A, ed 0)N

Mikkel fra Mallu-pekkajärvi (hd B)N

Milda fra Pikku-anikka     (hd B)N

Minna fra Laittakka          (hd A)N

Nelle Fra Koppelomukka (hd C)N

2015 Dame Hot Spices Betty Boop


Waterstreams My Maugrim (hd A)N

Waterstreams My Presiousss

Waterstreams My Malificent

Waterstreams My Bellatrix L (hd B)

Waterstreams My White Witch

Waterstreams My Sauron

Waterstreams My Ginarbrik (hd C)

Waterstreams My Hades      (hd D)

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