Waterstreams I Myra Hindley


Sire. SEU(u)CH No UCH Don's Darlington

Dame. Ta Wei's Janis Martin

Born 2013-04-08

Myran was born in 2013 and she lives with my friend Emma Pesch Andersson.

I had the right to one litter by Myran and that litter was born 2015. In 2017 I got the possibility to lease Myran for another litter. 

Myrans daughter Tajma, Tyra och Arya is now the hope for the future.


Hips A
Eyes clear
Pld <1/2-3/4


Swedish showchampion
Norwegian showchampion
BOS (Best of Sex)             Reserve-Cacib
Passed blood tracking ability test
2x1 pris open class blood tracking


20170801 Sire. CH Wermlandias Bilbo

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Waterstreams Samwell Tarly

Waterstreams Daenerys Targaryan

Waterstreams Arya Stark

Waterstreams Sansa Stark

Waterstreams Myrcella Baratheon

20150730 Sire. Ch Eastfarm's Right Here Right Now

Waterstreams Second Time Around (hd A)   

Waterstreams Second Chance           (hd B)

Waterstreams Second Base                (hd A)N

Waterstreams Second Thoughts       (hd A)N

Waterstreams Second Strike              (hd A)

Waterstreams Second Life                  (hd A)N

Waterstreams Second  Opinion         (hd C)

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