SEU(u)Ch NOUCH Dutch Jugend Champion

Wallovas Interpol


e. SEU(u)CH NoUCH DkCh  Don's Tufted Duck
u. Wallovas Cat Power
Född 18 maj 2017

In februar 2019 we went to Amsterdam to get Zakk, earlier known as Onyx. 

Thank you Bianca for this opportunity and thanks for letting me use your beautiful pictures of this lovely guy.

Only two year and two weeks, this guy became showchampion in two countries.


Hd A (NL)
Eyes clear (NL)
Gonioskoperad ua (NL)


Dutch Jugend Champion

Swedish showchampion

Norwegian showchampion

1 reserv-CACIB (will be CACIB)


2019 Waterstreams Second Chance

2019 Waterstreams Diamonds And Rust

2019 Dame Waterstreams Diamonds And Rust

16 november 2019

2019 Dame Waterstreams Second Chance

8 June 2019

Waterstreams Twice As Nice "Nisse"

Waterstreams Twice In A Lifetime "Signe"

Waterstreams Twice As Lucky "Mira"

Waterstreams Twice The Speed "Roxy" (BOB puppie x2, BIS 4valp, BIS 5valp)

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